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Spectrum of the Green Morning

by Retrospective



Retrospective presents their first official self-released debut EP "Spectrum of the Green Morning" which was released on 18th November 2007.

This is the very first release from Retrospective. It includes 6 new tracks including "Enemy World Vision" - which was very often played on polish radio stations.

Physical copies of "Spectrum of the Green Morning" are already SOLD OUT and will not be available in near future.

Official YouTube album stream: youtu.be/3TwCUdq_OQU


released November 18, 2007

Music by: Beata Łagoda, Jakub Roszak, Maciej Klimek, Łukasz Marszałek, Robert Kusik, Alan Szczepaniak

All lyrics by: Jakub Roszak

Recording and mixing: Artur Górski

Maciej Mendyka - producer
Robert Kudera - illustrations
Wojciech Kostoglu - cover design
Contact: retrospective@retrospective.pl
Booking: management@retrospective.pl


all rights reserved



Retrospective Leszno, Poland

Progressive rock band from Poland.

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Track Name: Enemy World Vision
How many people know you alive...
What have you done to be recognized...
Think over..

I chase for ideals
By paper sword in my hand.
World is full of commonness
It destroyies everything.

I'm looking for a justice,
Every single day

Like plastic soldier in a war
I fight with enemy force
Sensless rhythm...

Darkness is my shield,
Society kill belief

That is strange

Any devil in their eyes
Any devil in their smile
Is killing me

Like a soldier in a war
Like a soldier in a war

That I’m thinking of myself

That is strange
Track Name: Some Kind of Hope
Night becomes a friend
Stars shine all around
Moon is always there
Still playies with the clouds

You can always dream with the
Shadow on your neck
It's a different time
Try to start again

Shouldn't be afraid

Take a deeper breath
Close your tired eyes
Dark is our guard
Don't be scared tonight

Let your feelings out
No one recognize
It's your private world
Mind is come alive

Shouldn't be afraid
Track Name: Pink Elephant Missed
Strike a matches
Cause I'll back to home
Fucking matches
I want really more

Try it baby
And you will be free
Smoke it baby
I don't wanna feel

Come on
Shake it baby roll now baby shake it baby
Come on

Luck is not for you
Cash belong to me
Don't you see that I am
I am still interested in

Won't you rape me darling?
Won't you show me body and
Do it like a beast
Go away from me
Go away

Look behind you
Near to me
See small rabbit
Upon a tree

I am the king
In a fog
I hold everything
But I've lost..

My pink elephant missed!
Track Name: Waking Up in the ZOO
- Instrumental -
Track Name: Regret And Frightened Child
I felt the worst...
Who'll understand me now?
I wish get back

I preferred to run away
Went beyond the pale
Moderation what it is?
Something that I failed
Really I am frightened child
Where is mother hand?
Oh Dear God I've lost myself...

For everything I've done
Break off enormous scorn

Hear my scream around your head
Be the one who can
I am only a man
I am only a man

Put your anger far away
Be the one who can
I am only a man
Yes, I am only a man

I wanna change myself
Please give me hope
Please give me smile
Too many things I've done

Put your anger far away
Be the one who can
I am only a man
Yes, I am only a man
Track Name: Have in Mind
Try to find grievous place
Where everything has end
Trees remember all of pain
Ground resemble death

That it strange, when we have
To quit the scene
Adventure has come to bad end
Brought sadness and tears

I believe in instance
None considered plan
Tell me am I right?
Where are you now?

What was the reason?
Nobody know
Mayby it's better
Where is your soul?

That disastrous night
Killed everything
Lights felt to face
Roused him from sleep
Blood everywhere
Wind raise a scream
Another man
Choking a fear

It is all
He has gone
Now it's all
He has gone

Pain and a fear
On this road
Flames in his eyes
Suddenly went out
Sorrow took a smile

And we always remeber that face
Sorrow took a smile
Rushed into his life
Trees remember pain
Ground resemble death

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